Monthly Archives: November 2012

Changes (that time of the year again !)

Howdy all,

Well, about this time last year I changed jobs (leaving one service provider for another).

My work changed from being responsible for a large shared hosting environment with a little bit of consulting on the side to being almost a 100% consultant. For a while it was quite fun, got to work with some of my old favorites (Checkpoint firewalls etc..) and other interesting things. But being the operations person that I am I knew that this would not keep my mind busy for too long. So after spending some time thinking about what I wanted to do right now I decided to find a job at an enterprise (not working for a service provider for the first time since I started doing IT back in 1999:))

I will start there in about 2-3 weeks. Cannot wait !

In other news I managed to reach the age of 30 ! Had some friends over last Friday night to celebrate/cry with me. Haven’t had this much fun for a while :).