Monthly Archives: June 2014

Yeah…the future of vCloud Director


I’ve been working with the vCloud Director for some time now. Now, late last year I started hearing some rumors that the future for the said product wasn’t all that bright.

Meh, I said. VMware won’t kill this product, It’s used by service providers and enterprises around the globe !

After reading loads of blogs and articles I came to the conclusion that the product would be staying with us for a long, long time.

Great I said – Let’s put our weight behind it and tell the world how awesome it is !

Boy was I wrong. Well… least I felt like VMware had thrown a snowball in the face of all the smaller service providers running vCloud.

The vCloud Director will be available for service providers for foreseeable future. However it will end up being “headless”, meaning that the web front is going away. Instead we will have the APIs to create our own interface on top of the vCloud Director.

I’m not sure when the product will be EoL’ed for enterprise customers. But vCAC would be the product they should be looking at instead.

The good thing is that most of the larger providers already have written their own interface. And there are even 3 or more commercial front ends available right now.

The bad thing is that the smaller ones will either have to write their own front end, buy a front end or start looking into other products.

Anyway – VMware: Not cool bro….not cool !

Maybe this would be the right time to start looking at an OpenStack powered front end for vSphere ?