Monthly Archives: August 2015

What is the single most important thing Oracle VM is missing?

I have been going through the Oracle VM feature set.

As a virtualization solution it actually looks pretty good. The cost is in the lower end and it seems pretty feature complete.

But there is one thing missing…one huge feature.

VM snapshot based backups. I’m betting that if they would throw a API for taking snapshot based backups and make a deal with Veeam to support it this would actually make quite a lot of system administrators take a harder look at using Oracle VM for at least some projects (i.e, virtualizing Oracle applications).

From my standpoint this is my biggest issue. Oracle has already gotten servers from multiple vendors certified (hcl) and it seems that Oracle is playing nicely with the larger hardware vendors (IBM/Lenovo, HP, Cisco).

Oracle – your techs might want to take a hard look at this feature – this will actually help you guys gain larger market share in data center virtualization!

Just my two cents!