Monthly Archives: June 2016

All Flash…and other SAN stuff

Hi all,

This year I have (among other things) been working on migrations from older storage arrays to some newer all flash arrays. Man, those babies scream!

It was awesome to see the latency drop from 5-10ms+ to under 1ms….at times less than 0.4ms. You also start to see the flaws of older filesystems (read: ext3).

In the progress we also moved from 8Gbit FC to 16Gbit FC to be able to push more bandwidth as well as IOPS.

Some unforeseen problems (which everyone should also look out for:))…….It can often be very easy to saturate the back-end bandwidth on your arrays if everything is doing 16Gbit….and you run backup jobs on top of some huge batch processes plus your normal workload 🙂

Just some words of advice – when you move onto faster equipment you often move problems from one place to another!