Monthly Archives: February 2016

LPAR2RRD – A nice tool to gather (and watch) your historic VMware performance data

I installed LPAR2RRD to graph a VM environment about 6 months ago that holds a few hundred VMs. At that time I had some issues and didn’t really use it but kept it installed and allowed it to gather data.

However, I installed the newest version couple of days ago and was a bit impressed. Although this small tool does not look like much it is a simple solution for gathering performance data and help you out with debugging performance issues in your VMware environment. I have never used the LPAR (AIX) functionality but that part seems even more complete.

The errors I kept getting have been cleaned up (I didn’t really spend any time on debugging those when I did the initial installation). I kept getting errors when looking at cluster data etc. I also had some issues with the datastore graphs.

I sound like a bloody advertisement but I have no connection to the company that is working on the product except that I am a (happy) user 🙂


3PAR support in STOR2RRD


I have been a user of STOR2RRD since ~2012 I think. It is a brilliant tool to gather historical performance information on your IBM San Volume Controller based storage (Storwize, SVC, etc).

However, I was looking for a new version few days ago and saw that they have added support for HP 3PAR. They also added support for some HDS storage as well as NetApp. So now, if you cannot cough up dough for [insert your best-of-breed storage management tool here] you might have a cool alternative there 🙂

Of course, this is no replacement for IBM’s TPC products but if you are looking for a single tool to gather performance statistics for your storage arrays and your Brocade fabrics, look no further. This is a very valuable tool to use in daily operations.

Check out their webpage here.