Rebel yell…..changes?

Howdy all!

Been a long time since I last posted something. I’ve been quite busy with life/work/play.

This summer was pretty cool, a lot of motorcycle riding and just good old fun with my friends & my son. Found out I like heavy metal more then I could imagine, went to Eistnaflug (a 4 day long heavy metal fest at Neskaupstadur, My hometown). Saw quite a few bands there (Skalmold, Solstafir, Alice in Chains cover band and many…maaaaaaannnyyy more :).

So, in short, motorcycles, leather, mud, rain, rock/metal, hiking, beer and sun ruled my summer!

Since I was already playing a rebel I decided to part from Skyggnir/Nyherji where I have been for the last 10.5 years as a helpdesk operator, technician, network admin and at last, a sysadmin and consultant and move over to Skyrr/EJS to become a full time Network Administrator. I will start there at 1. December. The thought of leaving this company and the bunch of people whom I have worked with for the last decade is pretty tough but I really think this is a good time to switch to another workplace and learn something new.

So…since I have not been in touch with network equipment for the last 4 years or so I knew i had to brush up on my skills and decided to go for CCNA certification ASAP. A friend at Skyrr threw some books at me so I spend most of my free time reading for the exam….

The next 6-12 months will be pretty darn exciting and I am looking forward to have some new challenges thrown at me. However …again, it’s hard to part from a company where you have been a large contributor to and to part from the people who have been (almost) my second family for a long time.

But ….the winter is coming and I have to move my motorcycles to garages around town to keep them safe from the winter here in Iceland. However I am sure I can ride my Suzuki from time to time when the roads are not too “ice-y” 🙂

Well….off to fight my way through life!


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