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Finally my old trusty Thinkpad T61 decided to leave this world. I went a month or two without having a private laptop (I try not to use my work machine for private matters) but finally I could not go a minute longer ! I searched quite a bit for a nice machine I could use for running Fedora, but I have been using Fedora for few years ony my trusty T61. However, after spending few hours searching for a good machine (The T430 with some high end specs was quite interesting) I settled for a Macbook Pro Retina 13″.

This machine is amazing ! The last time I was using Mac OS X was on a 2007 Macbook with 13″ screen (1366×768 resolution if I remember correctly). That was quite sad experience since it was unable to do things like scroll a flash-heavy site without feeling sluggish. However the new machine has nothing I could call sluggish. Everything runs quite smoothly. If I could complain about anything it would be the size of the SSD and the write speed after doing a full disk encryption. However it is not trivial and the disk still feels a lot faster then my old 7.2K 320GB disk in the T61 🙂

At first I disliked the whole idea of making Mac OS X feel a bit “iOS” like. Applications are delivered through the App Store etc. I however quickly realized that it quite nice to have the apps delivered this way. Updates all go through Apple. If there is a security bug etc the users get updates delivered centrally. Just that feature is brilliant (and quite old if you look at how Linux distributions deliver apps/updates:)).

Well, let’s see if I keep on praising Mac OS X after using it for more then a week 🙂


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