Illumos – A project worth betting your stuff on ?

Howdy all,

I have been spending quite a bit of time reading up on Illumos lately due to my interest in Nexentastor. After seeing OpenSolaris die due to Oracle’s closing of the Solaris source code I thought most of the community would probably never touch it again. Which I thought was sad, even though I have never really like Solaris. But that is mostly due to the fact that I have never had enough cause to spend my time learning enough about it.

But Solaris is a very good operating system. No one can deny this.

Enter Illumos. A source code distribution that was forked from OpenSolaris that plays a central role in quite a number of products. SmartOS, Nexentastor, OmniOS and others are now all backed by the project. And the companies behind those projects keep committing new stuff to Illumos. That is awesome !

So, open source ZFS will live on. Which means we will see new features being implemented into ZFS (and other Solaris components) in Illumos.

Take a look at this talk here.

My point here is simple. Illumos is here to stay and you can be sure that those products that are backed by Illumos are built up
on something that ain’t going nowhere !

Prove me wrong and I’ll buy you a beer if you happen to be in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland sometime !


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