PernixData FVP v1.0

Howdy all,

PernixData just released version 1.0 of the much awaited FVP. It’s a host based read/write caching solution for the VMware ESXi hypervisor.

What this means in basic terms that you can have a cluster of ESXi hosts, each with a PCIe flash card (capable of hundreds of thousands of IOPS) and those flash cards will do read/write caching for your VM’s that sit on your EMC/IBM/InsertWhatEverSanVendorHere based datastores.

The list price is 7500$ for each host (Unlimited VMs) – compare that to buying SSDs for EasyTier, FAST Cache etc and I bet this is the cheaper solution….really ! 🙂

I don’t have a environment where I can test this, but please, check out this video by Jason Nash where he shows in a quick way how to install the PernixData solution and get it working in a already-running ESXi environment.

Also – Please check out Frank Denneman’s blog to get some more technical info on how PernixData FVP works….this could be the next big thing in virtual environments ! 🙂

Here is also a quick’n’dirty version on how PernixData came to be.


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