The first rule when contacting HP Support ….grab a AHS log!

Yeah…just wanted to document this here for me. Hopefully you can make some use of it as well.

Before opening up a case with HP Support for HP Proliant servers (at least Gen8 and newer) make sure you grab a AHS support log. They will in 99.9% of cases ask for this log before doing anything. Also, if it is a blade server make sure you grab a “show all” from the OA.

The easiest way to get this is to download the log through iLO (at least possible with firmware 2.03 and newer). Go to Information -> Active Health System Log. Pick out the time range you want the log for and fill out the contact information and press Download!

Here is a guide from HP for alternative ways to get the log.


One thought on “The first rule when contacting HP Support ….grab a AHS log!”

  1. Thanks, this helped a lot. I’ve been having a really hard time with HP support for the last 2 weeks. Their support has really went downhill.

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