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Howdy all,

I have been testing a 3PAR Peer Persistence setup using two 3PAR StoreServ 7200c, dual interconnected fabrics between sites and a multi-site VMware cluster (although only one node per site).

It works flawlessly!

Being able to take a array offline (disruptively, removing power to the controller shelf) and the only thing that happens is about ~10 second “delay” (while Peer Persistence fails the VMFS volumes over) for the virtual machines is pretty awesome.

We are still missing VVOL support for replicated volumes (and vMSC) but hopefully it will come later this year.

Here are the most important links on Peer Persistence:
VMware.com (KB article 2055904)
HP’s own Implementing vSphere Metro Storage Cluster using HP 3PAR Peer Persistence

And for a added bonus – HP 3PAR SSMC 2.1 makes Peer Persistence configuration easy as 1-2-3 by Techazine.com

The whole thing takes about 1 hour to configure when you know what you are doing and adding a new volume to the Peer Persistence configuration is a snap.


One thought on “3PAR StoreServ 7000 – Peer Persistence links”

  1. Hi,I wanna test HP 3PAR Peer Persistence too,but I‘m a Green hand.Can you pls tell me the details about your testing environment,like:hardware topology,SAN switch ZONE configuration,3PAR config..
    Thanks a lot!

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