LPAR2RRD – A nice tool to gather (and watch) your historic VMware performance data

I installed LPAR2RRD to graph a VM environment about 6 months ago that holds a few hundred VMs. At that time I had some issues and didn’t really use it but kept it installed and allowed it to gather data.

However, I installed the newest version couple of days ago and was a bit impressed. Although this small tool does not look like much it is a simple solution for gathering performance data and help you out with debugging performance issues in your VMware environment. I have never used the LPAR (AIX) functionality but that part seems even more complete.

The errors I kept getting have been cleaned up (I didn’t really spend any time on debugging those when I did the initial installation). I kept getting errors when looking at cluster data etc. I also had some issues with the datastore graphs.

I sound like a bloody advertisement but I have no connection to the company that is working on the product except that I am a (happy) user 🙂


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