Awesome day!


Spent the day riding on my Suzuki DRZ…..I still have a large grin on my face and I am sure it will stay there until sometime next month!

Need to get new tires thought…I “stopped” while going up a hill at least two times and somehow managed to drop the bike both times…..hill score 1, Finnzi score 0.

Planning to buy Michelin T63 tires on Monday so I can beat that hill 🙂

If the weather stays like this until Monday I am sure I will spend tomorrow riding my Fazer…..This is a awesome weekend!

Finnzi (the guy with the large grin!)

First post!

Howdy all,

After a “small” mistake I found out that I did not have backups of my WordPress installation so all my posts are gone…..which is “awesome”…..*shruugggg*

However this gives me a opportunity to redesign the site and maybe even put something useful here which was always the plan anyway 🙂

Lets see how it goes….