Howdy all,

I have been thinking abut what tablet to get for some time. The Android onces seem fine, good hardware etc. However I have had a Samsung Galaxy S2 for some time and it has been giving me loads of problems. Those mostly seem to be around buggy software so I decided to go for an iPad.

I am writing this on my brand new iPad 3 and so far I must say that I do not think I made a mistake. As someone who has never owned a iOS device I was very happy with how all the interface seems consistent (as in Android it is most of the time extremely fragmented) and everything seems to just work out of the box.

Only time will tell if I will regret this decision but so far I am happy πŸ™‚

Around two years ago when Apple was announcing the iPad I thought this form of computing would not catch on. I thought about this when I was wondering if I would get a tablet or not but tablets seem to have there place in the computing world. After around 24 hours of use I find that when watching TV I really find that i rather reach out for the tablet then my laptop *so far*.

Well, let’s see if I will call foul after a month πŸ™‚


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