Fedora 17 – Preupgrade works like a charm :-)

Howdy all,

Decided to update my home workstation to Fedora 17 this evening. Ran the upgrade with the preupgrade tool and everything worked out of the box 🙂

There were some changes due to the migration to upstart so autofs did not start after the upgrade but except from that problem everything worked fine! Grats to the Fedora team for another quality release.

Everything looks pretty similar to the Fedora 16 release except for small details here and there. I was a heavy Gnome 2.x user and was pretty upset when the first Gnome 3 release came out…found the interface changes to be terrible but after checking out some alternatives I always ended up back with Gnome. Love it today and hope the Gnome team keeps up the good work.

I might do a clean install later on and try out btrfs….it seems to be developing into a very capable filesystem.


2 thoughts on “Fedora 17 – Preupgrade works like a charm :-)”

  1. Not so sure that we will have to worry about btrfs…
    Chris Mason and Josef Bacik both went to Fusion IO so I’m wondering who is left behind to pull the wagon. :o)

  2. Oracle and Red Hat are both working hard making it production ready and Chris Mason keeps on comitting updates so I don’t really see BTRFS development stopping any time soon 😉

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