A nice tool for performance monitoring IBM SVC and Storwize products


Recently I have been working on a problem (along with the infrastructure team at work) where we were having some performance issues.

Since we do not have IBM’s TPC product I had installed stor2rrd a while back. This tool has proved to be invaluable during our debugging and I highly recommend that you install and use it if you do not have TPC (or any other performance monitoring tool) for your storage infrastructure (and are using IBM SVC/Storwize).

It uses a tool called svcperf from IBM to collect the performance data and then writes the statistic it gathers in RRD files. Although this tool does not have any advanced features it makes it easy to see how your storage is performing.

However it seems that IBM has stopped developing svcperf but hopefully XORUX will keep it up-to-date (at least the data collection part) or re-writes their own product to have native support for collecting the data from SVC/Storwize based products.


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