Weird problems with HP Proliant BL460c Gen9


Recently we were flashing the firmware of few of our HP Proliant BL460c G9 blades.

One of the blades seemed to finish flashing the firmware (BIOS/Power Controller/iLO) and I went on to reboot it.

However when I tried to reboot it the blade never finished posting (it never got on to the second post screen).

The solution is very simple. Run the reset BIOS procedure (dip 6 on, blade power on, wait until you see messages on the screen saying you can turn the blade off, reset dip). Whola….the machine will finish the boot process šŸ™‚

Also – during the firmware update process, don’t worry if the machine will reboot a couple of times after you reboot it when you have finished flashing…it is normal!


One thought on “Weird problems with HP Proliant BL460c Gen9”

  1. FOG, Thank You for this info. I have been trying to figure this out for more than a full work day. I finally googled with -> “POST Code: 711” +bl460c gen9 -dl360 <- and got one single result . . . . yours.
    To cause the problem, I performed an upgrade to SPP-2016.10.0. Upon reboot all 12 blades hung at "Starting drivers. Please wait, this may take a few moments ….". They stayed at that point all night long. I upgraded the OA, then the VC, still same. It would not even get to the point where I could hit F9, F10, or F11. I turned the blade off and set one-time-boot to the SPP ISO to try and reinstall whatever drivers it was looking for but it would never get that far, still; NO GO.
    I believe the correct procedure going forward is to upgrade the OA first, upgrade the Virtual Connect second, and only then upgrade the blade firmware.
    Thanks a million!

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