Testing Windows 10


I recently started using a “old” (4 year old) desktop tower to play Diablo 3 in co-op with my son. Last weekend I dug it up and installed Windows 10 on a spare 256GB SSD I had.

Damn! I must say they have actually out-done what they did when going from XP to Vista (I have to mention, I am probably one of the ten people in the world who actually liked Windows Vista:)). Everything is so smooth, even on hardware this old.

The new start menu is what the start menu should have been in Windows 8.1. However, after using Windows 10 I guess I have to forgive them….can’t wait until I can deploy this on my work laptop.

I have yet to use the browser they ship with it though….my Chrome habit is not something I see my self getting away from anytime soon!

Anyway….I must say, if you have a extra machine lying around (or some resources to run a VM), I suggest that you go grab the Windows 10 and give it a test run.


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