Yet another hardware refresh project comes (and goes!)

Howdy all,

I just finished a plan for redesigning/rebuilding one of the environments at work.

It is truly amazing how much time goes in designing, getting specifications, reading up on technical material, talking to industry experts and getting quotes from our server vendor.

There are more then 6 months since I started this planning and design phase with my colleagues. Our vendor has probably lost count of how many quotes I have requested due to this and I am amazed they actually still pick up the phone when I call them 🙂

What I am getting at is that often when we, the technical staff, start on a redesign projects small or large we are quite often stuck thinking about how awesome the newest CPU chips are or how fast some new memory tech is. When working on hardware refresh projects we are often replacing hardware that is three generations behind the new stuff. Speed is most often not the issue. Everything today revolves around software. We have to design around software, be it licenses or some other software flaw (or feature!).

After going through yet another project like this one might wonder – while we still have on-premise servers, would it be better to just “rent” hardware resources?

A thought for us all….


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