HPE OneView 2.0


Recently we upgraded from OneView 1.20 to OneView 2.0. The 2.0 version has been out for a while but we didn’t upgrade right away. Luckily though – because there were some serious issues with the upgrade from 1.x to 2.0 with the first release. Earlier this year they released a updated version, 2.00.07, that fixed those issues so one can safely upgrade πŸ™‚

The biggest feature I was waiting for was the ability to move a server profile from one hardware type to another. For example: A HPE BL460c G9 with one mezzanine adapter is one type and BL460c G9 with two mezzanine cards is another one. So a server profile created for one type of hardware cannot be reused for another. Imagine how surprised I was when I was adding a HBA to few blades and I had to recreate those profiles from scratch! But now – this is as easy as 1-2-3 since you just move the server profile to the new hardware type and start your server on either the same blade with the added HBA or move it to another generation or type of a blade. A small (and dare I say – a little bit weird) issue but makes life just a little bit easier when adding new hardware to your blades (managed by HPE OneView).

Server Profile templates are also brilliant – you simply create a VMware host template, then create server profiles based of that template. If you need to do a change on the BIOS settings on all your VMware hosts, you can do so on the template and the changes should be pushed down to all your servers.

Another feature I like a lot is the addition of Smart Update Tools and the ability of being able to upgrade drivers as well as firmware from OneView without needing to shutdown the machine and change the FW baseline to a newer version and then wait for OneView to start up HPE SUM and finish it’s business. And then going into the OS and upgrade the drivers manually (or by running SUM locally on the OS). I have not tested it yet but I am planning to do so later on. Cool feature at least.

So far – cannot complain! πŸ™‚


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