Vendor bashing in the storage space….

I’ve been spending some time reading up on different storage vendors in the last 6-12 months (yes…my personal interests are probably different from yours)…..and it has been horrible to see employees of different companies fighting things out on forums.

Now – Most of the time I have been searching up on some performance related stuff from customer stories on those forums and without an exception when I find something interesting there is always a employee of a competitor in the forum thread yelling something bad about the competition. Yes….we get it, your product must be superior and without all bugs.

What bothers me the most is that I have had sales people talking some shit about other vendors directly to me. And often, those sales people have actually sold me or a company where I am working or have been working something that maybe was not the best solution at the time.

Vendors/Resellers: Can we please leave the bashing at home? I have no interest in buying a product from someone that spends his day talking crap about a competing product. It really just tells me that I should stay away from doing business with you!

If someone has actually decided to buy a IBM storage solution instead of something else because a vendor rep called NetApp “NetCrapp” one might wonder if that decision was actually made on the correct terms…….


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